Katja K. Christensen


OCR (obstacle course racing) is different every time. I therefore have several different sets of kit. On cold days I use c3-tights and the long-sleeved top to protect me from the weather and also from stones, gravel, mud and obstacles that “hit back”. On warmer days I like to wear c3-shorts and a T-shirt that is light and breathable.

At the European championships I ran in a Women’s SLi Suit, and it was a really great feeling. A one-piece suit is very practical. It does not let in mud under your clothes, and I don’t risk tearing up the skin on my stomach when I pass over obstacles. The suit is water-repellent, which is very nice when I have to run a long way after going through water. The suit allows a lot of freedom and easy mobility, so all I have to concentrate on is my race.