Katja Jørgensen

Katja Jørgensen

What makes you unique as an athlete?

I am really stubborn, and I think it has got me a long way. I make use of that stubbornness at every single training session.


What’s your best performance(s)?

I am still relatively new to the sport, so I have achieved my best results this year, a 4th place at the 2019 World championships and a first in the 2019 Danish championships.


Which performance has influenced you the most?

The 2019 World championship, which was also my first World championship. Even though I missed the bronze, I am still pleased and proud that I could live up to my own expectations and was in the running for the bronze.


What does FUSION equipment mean to you during training and in competition?

In my everyday training I always wear my Fusion tights, both the shorts and the long ones, and a T-shirt. There are special rules at events about which clothes you can lift in, but during the warming up and between each lift I use wear my Fusion clothes to keep warm. Apart from that, it is in fact super to wear to school too.


What other sponsors do you have and how do they help you become a better athlete? 

Right now I don’t have any other sponsors, but I am in contact with Eleiko, who make barbells and equipment. As I have moved recently, I am short of quite a lot of equipment that I need to practise with the equipment used for European and World championships. 



12 February 1988