Katrine Amtkjær

Katrine Amtkjær



Best performance(s): 


IM Frankfurt 2nd overall AG IM 70.3 Liuzhou

1st overall AG



World Champion AG 70.3 World Champion

IM Austria 1st overall AG

IM 70.3 Vietnam 1st overall AG

IM 70.3 Taiwan 1st overall AG

IM 70.3 Xiamen 1st overall AG


Best personal times:

IM 9.32.41 - 2017

IM 70.3 25.30 - 2017

Coach: Gregers Rye Christensen, Credo Endurance


What makes you unique as an athlete?

I think my situation is what makes me unique as an athlete – the fact that I live in China and do jot have a full-time job, with all the advantages and disadvantages it involves.

I meet challenges every day in my training, such as chaotic traffic in a city with millions of inhabitants, pollution, and a lack of knowledge of training and club structures. On the other hand, I am able to invest a lot of time in my training and recovery, and I have suitable conditions for training in the housing complex where I live, in the form of swimming baths and a fitness centre. 

I have also reached a level that is perhaps more remarkable here in Asia than it would be in Europe, and it has opened several doors in the form of sponsorships and working partners. Finally, my geographic position allows me to take part in different events, which are not possible for most other athletes, and it gives me a chance to help to develop triathlon in this part of the world.


What’s your best performance(s)?

Prestige-wise, my greatest performances were my AG World championship titles from the last two seasons. In 2016 I won in my age group in both the half distance and the full distance. In 2017 I succeeded in regaining the World Champion title for the 70.3-distance, and I came in 2nd in Hawaii.

I achieved my fastest times in 2017, with 70.3 in the IM in Liuzhou, China (generally fast swim) at 4.25, and IM in Frankfurt with 9.32.

My World championship titles have undoubtedly opened a lot of doors for me here in Asia, and probably also placed me on the map in triathlon at home in Denmark, but for me personally, it is probably my first IM with my coach, Gregers from Credo Endurance, that has meant the most. In the Klagenfurt IM in 2016 I improved my personal record for the distance by about an hour, and was the fastest woman in my AG. This made it clear (most important of all to myself) that I was on a level with the very best, not just in Asia, but in the world. That had a very positive effect on my self-confidence, and was quite clearly the most important performance in my time as a triathlete.




What does FUSION equipment mean to you during training and in competition?

When you are working on triathlon and giving it all you’ve got, you depend heavily on the equipment you choose. If anything causes chafing or gets uncomfortable, it is almost impossible for it to heal, because you are training several times a day. That is why FUSION products are really important to me. 

Nothing else compares in quality, and it enables me to swim, cycle and run kilometre after kilometre without worrying about the less attractive sides of training. Besides, I simply love the simple Scandinavian design. That kind of thing is in quite short supply here in East Asia, where colours and bling are standard.

I have a lot of FUSION favourites – but they all have comfort and speed in common. When you really invest a lot of time and energy in getting in form, you more or less owe yourself the satisfaction and advantages of quality products – as pure motivation!


What other sponsors do you have and how do they help you become a better athlete? 

A lot of the credit for the levels I have achieved in these last years must go to Specialized. They have supported me with cycles, clothing and all my cycle-related equipment. Like FUSION, Specialized is a quality brand, and it has made a noticeable difference to have an absolutely top-level TT-bike, and to get professional help every time there have been mechanical problems, as well as being able to borrow wheels and other spare parts specially adapted to a specific race. Besides covering my equipment needs, Specialized have also invested in our collaboration by inviting my tri-partner and me to California to be tested in their wind tunnel. Being fitted out and having everything adjusted down to the last detail, meeting the professionals behind one of the world’s leading cycle brands, and seeing their HQ from inside was a wonderful experience – and a demonstration of the strong commitment Specialized have shown towards me.

Compex have supported me with their top products, treatments and instruction in recent seasons, and thus ensured faster restitution in the intense training periods, and, not least, prevention of injuries.

Shanghai Triathlon Club (STC) has served as my club ever since my first year in China, and they support me with travel, hotel bills and race fees for all their local races in China. In addition, they always help me if I get into situations that require good Chinese contacts to understand and manoeuvre through the Chinese legal system, such as the time I had a cycling accident.


20 April 1979